About Me


Hi, I'm a photographer based in Munich, Germany. I started to take photos at concerts because I can't stand big crowds  and feel super nervous being surrounded by so many people. So I took my point and shoot camera with me and like that I was able to concentrate on the bands music and performance and on pressing the shutter release at the right time instead of getting all uncomfortable due to people standing really close to me. So at first the camera was just something necessary to being able to enjoy concerts and sometimes even a burden. But after a while I started liking what I did and photography became a hobby. I decided to post my pictures on instagram and it seemed like people liked what they saw. Concert photography became my passion and finally I was asked by a webzine if I could take photos for them. Of course I agreed and that opened the door to a whole new area - the photo pit. Now I am happy to say that I follow both my passions - music and photography - as a professional concert photographer.

Work with Me

If you want me to take photos of your band performing live or to take some group shots, don't hesitate to contact me. Also, if you are a magazine or website and you want me to take photos for your medium, I'd be happy to do so.

Please contact me with the contact form or give me a call.

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