Upcoming Concerts in February 2020

Mister Misery - The Unalive Tour, 25.02

“With their self-confident debut album “Unalive” behind them, one of the currently most promising metal newcomers is coming on tour. Fans can look forward to 14 dates in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland. MISTER MISERY is a metal band from Stockholm, founded in February 2018 by Harley Vendetta & Alex Nine. With energetic riffs mixed with hymnic choruses and shredding guitar solos, they have managed to create a hype in the underground metal community! Hungry to ignite fire in the hearts of the restless and broken hearted all over the world, MISTER MISERY not only break the musical chains, but also convince with their theatrical and chaotic stage performance. Reviving the wild spirit of the 80s and combining it with horror elements and classical composition, MISTER MISERY prove themselves as an excellent and insane newcomer in the alternative metal scene. Their brand new debut album “Unalive” (Arising Empire / Nuclear Blast) reflects the emotions and problems of a journey the four members went through. Confronted with death, times in prison, being abandoned, drugs and poverty. Through each individual experience, they have managed to turn the misery into something inspiring, and so they have pulled themselves out of the depths to be remembered from now on as MISTER MISERY.

Crystal Viper - Tour of Fire and Ice, 26.02

CRYSTAL VIPER is an international female fronted heavy metal act, founded by the singer, guitarist and composer, Marta Gabriel. Regular touring and festival appearances in more than 15 countries, 6 studio albums, and bunch of singles and EP releases the band did since 2007, established their position, and made them known as one of the most hard working and most determined bands of their generation.

While the band is often labeled as an NWOTHM act (new wave of traditional heavy metal), their new album, “Tales Of Fire And Ice”, presents a bit different approach. New songs are heavier, more intense, but first of all: more melodic.

The album includes 9 tracks, and both the CD and vinyl LP versions will include exclusive, different bonus tracks. Songs such as “Still Alive” or “Under Ice”, based on catchy riffs and choruses that won’t leave your head, are the future Crystal Viper concert classics, while power metal monsters such as “Crystal Sphere” or “One Question”, shall satisfy the most demanding headbangers, who can’t live without the double bass gallopades.

The title of the album refers to the lyrics, that were inspired by legends, mysterious stories and secrets of the world, such as Bermuda Triangle, the Dyatlov Pass incident, alien abduction, or the subglacial ghost mountains of Arctica. Cover photo was taken by the Belgian photographer Tim Tronckoe, known from cooperation with such acts as EPICA, NIGHTWISH, DELAIN or ARCH ENEMY.

“Still Alive” video: https://youtu.be/00IoqYoaoDs 

“Bright Lights” lyric video: https://youtu.be/ydVRuJdHgMg  ”

Destruction - Thrash Alliance Tour 2020, 28.02

Legendary German thrashers DESTRUCTION released their 17th studio album »Born To Perish« on August 9th via Nuclear Blast, earning the band impressive chart positions worldwide. After the »Killfest Tour« with their label mates OVERKILL, the band have now announced the »Thrashfest Tour 2020.«

In spring 2020, DESTRUCTION will be joining forces with Dutch death/thrash monsters LEGION OF THE DAMNED, Greek thrash metal maniacs SUICIDAL ANGELS and German death-thrashers FINAL BREATH to tour Europe.

DESTRUCTION singer & bassist Schmier comments, “Yeah - the »Thrashfest« is back with a BANG! We are delighted to headline this strong billing of blistering steel! All the bands have put out really forceful records lately and are right down our alley, when it comes to uniqueness, live power & cool lads! DESTRUCTION will present a remarkable new setlist with classics & of course some of the brand-new slashers from »Born To Perish«! Come out & THRASH with us maniacs!”

Maurice of LEGION OF THE DAMNED adds, “We are absolutely thrilled to hit the clubs again and we are also talking about a special setlist, playing songs we have not played before or haven’t been played in a long time, so be prepared - LEGION OF THE DAMNED is ready to rumble.”

SUICIDAL ANGELS singer Nick comments, “With the release of our new album, »Years Of Aggression« and as we promised, we return with more news, exciting news. Thrashing to the bone news! We are really pleased to join forces with German titans DESTRUCTION, Holland’s finest, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, and the killer FINAL BREATH for a seriously in your face package that will kick ass! Just check out the poster with all the dates and cities, find the one closest to you and join us for a thrash metal inferno! Do not miss this by any fuckin’ chance!”

Heiko from FINAL BREATH says, “Last year, after a long 14-year period of silence, we finally came back with »Of Death And Sin«. We had no idea what would happen, but we were overwhelmed by the reactions of fans and press. And now we’re just proud to continue with our story and hit the road with such a great thrash metal command: DESTRUCTION, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, SUICIDAL ANGELS… How cool is that? It’s like a dream come true for us!”

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