Upcoming Concerts in March 2020

After the Burial - Behold the Crown Tour, 09.03


“Tragedy can induce strength. It increases the need for fortitude among individuals and friends alike. It changes everything. 

In the midst of recording their fifth full-length album. “Dig Deep”, After The Burial faced the shocking suicide of guitarist and founding member Justin Lowe in July 2015. The Minneapolis metal band felt understandably shaken to the core almost to the point of breaking.

“We coped as well as we could have—we still are,” admits Anthony. “Losing someone isn’t easy, and we all dealt with it in our own way. I was angry and sad at the same time. I didn’t know how to feel, and it took time to accept that he really was gone. After the dust settled, we got on the phone to see where we stood. To be honest, we thought about giving up. We asked ourselves if it was right to go on without him, or maybe if it was time to start a new band together. In the end, we felt like we couldn’t let what beat him beat us. That would’ve been even more tragic, and we felt like he wouldn’t have wanted us to stop. I know I wouldn’t have.”

As always, the quartet speaks the loudest through their music. Dig Deep reflects their dedication not only to the band, but their fallen brother. The album’s nine songs fuse together a framework of mind-numbing eight-string guitar riffs fortified by polyrhythmic percussion and a dynamic vocal palette, encompassing hissing screams and growling melodies. 

Alongside producer Will Putney, the band recorded Dig Deep at Graphic Nature Audio in New Jersey. Self-producing their work in the past, it marked their first collaboration with a producer behind the board for the entire process.

After The Burial maintain a commitment to evolution. Following three full-length albums and countless miles on the road, 2013’s Wolves Within bowed at #2 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart and #9 on the Hard Rock Chart upon release. Along the way, the group shared stages with everyone from Suicide Silence to Veil of Maya and The Faceless, carving out an intensely dedicated hardcore fan base. That audience showed immense support upon the news of Justin’s death.

“It was absolutely beautiful,” smiles Anthony. “It helped us so much. When we were having those conversations about our next move, our fans did help us hold sway. It’s like that meme, ‘Faith in humanity restored.’ I felt it; we all did. We didn’t want to give up after seeing so much love pour in from people all over. There were a lot of bands who sent kind words our way too. I think people sometimes forget how much of a community we really are. There is strength in numbers.”

That’s why in many ways After The Burial dug deep to make this music for those same supporters. 

“I just want people to know how much heart and soul was poured into this thing,” Trent leaves off. “We do this because we love it, and that passion flows through our veins. Even if it’s only one song that speaks to them, I hope they can take something from this record.”

Icon For Hire - Icon Army Tour, 10.03

(Support: HALFLIVES)

“Finally the time has come and the band around singer Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump, founded in 2007, is back to inspire their fans and make it clear that “You Can’t Kill Us…” is not just an album title. With a variety of influences from hard rock, hip hop, electronica and pop, ICON FOR HIRE mix a hymn-like sound that is bursting with melody and power, creating a good mood from the very first listen and making the sing-along effect go out of control! ICON FOR HIRE have survived the system of the recording industry and are back stronger than ever before. They are living proof that you can take control of your life - and this is perhaps the greatest success anyone can achieve.”

Myrath - The Magical Tour, 11.03

(Support: ELEINE)

“Incredibly personal, epic and beautifully oriental - that’s the sound of the progressive metal band MYRATH, which slowly but surely developed into one of the most fascinating bands in the international metal scene. After months of hard work and countless sleepless nights, the Tunisian quintet has unveiled their long awaited fifth masterpiece “Shehili”. An interplay of progressive influences and catchy hooks: “Shehili” blends the Arabic melodies and groovy structures of “Tales Of The Sand” (2011), MYRATH’s third groundbreaking album, with the complex compositions of the previous masterpiece “Legacy” (2016). For months the five were on the road promoting “Legacy”, playing great shows all over the world - including an unforgettable performance at the ProgPower Festival in Atlanta, further shows in Japan and an extraordinary performance at the Festival International De Carthage (2017), the biggest music event in Tunisia. The result exceeds all expectations. Innovative yet always true to MYRATH’s style, “Shehili” is characterized by strong contrasts between the catchy melodies and the profound, heart-breaking lyrics. The best example for this duality is already offered by the first single “Dance”. The song tells the story of “a Syrian dancer who is confronted with death threats from Isis and still keeps on dancing, even if he does this on ruins and tombs”, as singer Zaher Zorgati describes it. “Our music is meant to bring happiness and joy and to express appreciation for those people who never give up hope, even in a world full of hate and insecurity”. Far from the clichés of a modern metal band, “Shehili” was produced with sensitivity and special care. The drums were recorded in Hamburg by Eike Freese (DEEP PURPLE, GAMMA RAY) and the voices of the violins are from the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra. Kevin Codfert took care of the rest of the recordings and made sure that every note is in its right place. Besides Codfert, Freese and Jens Bogren (who already worked on the album “Legacy”) - two other producers - also invested all their passion into the album to perfect every song and make it special. Maybe you are wondering now what “Shehili” means at all? This mysterious Arabic word is the name of the ancient wind that blows in the dunes of the Sahara. Like a gentle breeze that whispers legends in your ear and opens the doors to your dreams… These beautiful, timeless melodies will take you on a special journey!”

Rhapsody of Fire - The Eight Mountain Tour, 12.03


Night Flight Orchestra - The Aeronautic Experience Tour, 20.3

(Support: ONE DESIRE)

Lacrimas Profundere - Bleeding the Stars Tour, 28.3


“”One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star” (Friedrich Nietzsche). Without chaos there is no creativity and both are the driving force for new adventures; adventures which Lacrimas Profundere (Latin for shedding tears) has been able to experience far away from the dazzling LA dream cinemas in 32 countries so far. Always with the firm will to present the band at any price not only in the club around the corner but worldwide like in Peru or Tokyo. This unconditional devotion to their own music, the passion to never give up despite numerous setbacks, and even to continue to grow with countless curious, sometimes crazy stories, has allowed the Munich melancholiacs to survive many musical trends for 26 years now. Also the new output “Bleeding the Stars” (album of the month in Metal Hammer, ORKUS! and dead rhetoric) again invites you to let go completely and to realize that everything is finite and nothing is as important as it seems. A walk across the starry sky at dark night? Why not, you just press “Play” and enjoy the soundtrack - with “Bleeding the Stars”!”

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